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Fever (also known as pyrexia or controlled hyperthermia) is a common medical sign characterized by an elevation of tempera...
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Common Fever treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 59,946 Motrin 22,779 Ibuprofen 15,710
1,297,366 conversations around the web about Fever to help you make a decision
1,297,366 conversations around the web about Fever to help you make a decision
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Fever & Organ Failure

1.74% of the posts that mention Organ Failure also mention Fever (150 posts)
Organ Failure
We found 150 discussions
" ...fluid, but he has a fever. It was 103 yesterday ...there. They told his wife that organ failure is possible. He has ...control. It's scary. I have a really bad feeling about this. Please c... "

" ...once a week. For the first 2half months I have doing great then almost to the day 3 mounts, I started getting sick I had a bad fever trowing up ten times a day ...said the MTX was casing organ f... "

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" ...what med? Do you have a fever, high/low blood pressure what would ...Lupies being admitted for quick med treatment to avoid organ failure but not for Fibro flares. I hope everythin... "

" Are you running a fever also? You usually have a fever accompanied by an extremely sore throat. The sore throat ...problems. Untreated it can cause organ failure, such as kidney and liver... "

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" ...fever it does something to their heart I heard. And tylenol is very bad to the liver, my friend from childhood just died from liver toxicity due to taking tylenol when she didn't realize she had pi... "

" ...nephritis might be associated with fever as it is an inflammatory ...flare up will have a fever quite often. But as far ...hyperthermia such that you get organ failure and death. IgA nephropa... "

" ...unfortunately I do have a fever and an infection so take I feel rotten and sick. Im so so ...a drip in hospital with organ failure from septicaemia..... I understand this... "

" ...but very small bites. I had pneumonia like symptoms for a week before I went to the hospital with fever of 102. Very interesting. My ...I was septic and near organ failure with no obvious source... "

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" ...but the main first symptom is an elevated fever. It gets progressively worse ending up with total organ failure and severe internal bleeding. There... "

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" ...a tick, then went into organ failure and died about two ...days later. He had a fever and headache, according to ...didnít improve, however, and his kidney function deteriorated and he couldn... "

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