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fetish (derived from the French language f tiche which comes from the Portuguese language feiti o and this in turn from Lati...
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258,056 conversations around the web about Fetish to help you make a decision
258,056 conversations around the web about Fetish to help you make a decision
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Fetish & Seizures

0.01% of the posts that mention Fetish also mention Seizures (35 posts)
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We found 35 discussions
" ...were a guy was having a seizure years back just by offering ...because they wanted all the heroism for there own fetish, no wonder people think they are morons… so whatever...... "

" ...How about those dips and chins guys. LOL A seizure will in the tub, and I knocked the radio turn orange! I have a fetish for pumpkin! You better believe... "

" ...coming upon a volcano and having one of his recurring epiliptic seizures there, seeing visions of angels ...The guy with the roaring volcano fetish's stories just got incorporated somewhere... "

" ...50-caliber machine guns. Many of those law enforcement agencies rely upon money from seizures to fund this fetish. Who wins? Everyone EXCEPT the average American. @#$% this drug... "

" Your first orgasm! My fetish is hearing about peoples first orgasms - how they ...give you the creeps. My fetish is hard to feed and ...thought I was having a seizure or something. then I though... "

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" ...then size is just a fetish at that point. I try ...a difference. But at the same time, I had women convulsing with their eyes rolling back just from my finger...... "

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" ...of those people with a fetish for writing real small so ...can't read it [move]or causing seizures with marquees like this[/move] I... "

" a foot and toe fetish ? Well, this is going a side affect from his seizure meds. He started licking the ...the time he started on seizure meds. That has pretty much gone away, but now we... "

" ...Amendment guarantees against unreasonable search and seizure and began wiretapping American citizens? ...Amendment? You're not a patriot. You're a gun-fetish redneck who can't stand a... "

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" ...possible to develop a child fetish.... :? I'm all for free ...that im shaking. im going with my nauceous gut wretching feeling that ...ever shake ever. im f**king convulsing over... "

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