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fetish (derived from the French language f tiche which comes from the Portuguese language feiti o and this in turn from Lati...
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258,135 conversations around the web about Fetish to help you make a decision
258,135 conversations around the web about Fetish to help you make a decision
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Fetish & Menstrual Period

0.09% of the posts that mention Fetish also mention Menstrual Period (235 posts)
Menstrual Period
We found 235 discussions
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" ...appealing to me. Fuck. You know that eating a girl out on her period is actually a fetish for some guys? They like can only get off if thier faces are... "

" ...on though ... i have a fetish for legs and everything above, ...she was never on her period and tasted quit... "

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" ...lip after going down on a female during her period. Brownwings = I believe that this is iminabands fetish... "

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" ...when she's on her period. Yes, I think it tastes better. I also have ... another fetish that's related to... "

" ...So what? It's not a fetish of mine, but I wouldn't say no just because she's on her period. I probably wouldn't do oral, but I wouldn't say... "

" ...feel like I haven't been in touch with my fetish in so long! And I'll try not to chomp at the bit too much waiting for my validation period to complete. And thanks for the welcoming,... "

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" my man has a foot fetish too. He loves my feet ...almost every letter.Oral sex too.(giving). He just loves my body period. he loves me being naked. I love how he... "

" ...I was younger I had a huge Vampire Fetish.. But, then I grew up ...out of her? Nope.. That pretty well ended my Vampire Period.. I have no interest in becoming someones dinner.. (... "

" ...older than 17 on the show. Combined with my MILF fetish, this obviously makes me the least pedo, and the ...a childhood friend's sister had her first period in kindergarten.... "

" Some men have a menstrual fetish, more commonly known as Red ...with a woman during her period. However, if you are not when you are having your period. I think it would... "

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