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Femoral Nerve Injury + Surgery

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Ask a question
9 conversations around the web about Femoral Nerve Injury + Surgery to help you make a decision
9 conversations around the web about Femoral Nerve Injury + Surgery to help you make a decision
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Femoral Nerve Injury & Surgery

We found 9 discussions
" ...with CRPS Type II as a result of a femoral nerve injury incurred during an abdominal surgery. I look forward to exploring the site but just... "

" ...get I recently had my surgery Nov 2 2010. Thinking I ...hematoma and sustained a left femoral nerve injur... "

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" Hello. Femoral nerve injury can occur after surgical procedures on the hip . The stretch injury has ...An EMG should ideally be done 4 weeks post surgery or onset of weakness . Was an EMG done... "

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" ...impossible tonight. As if the femoral nerve injury wasn't enough, now I have a herniated lumbar disc. The pain is excruciating ...and then see if I need surgery. Woo-hoo. I am liable for... "

" ...there during the course of surgery. Some people end up with ...I ended up with a femoral nerve injury in my right thigh after ...a ballpark time for each surgery so they know how to... "

" ROUTINE! Also, I have been reading alot about femoral nerve injury during C-sections (or stomach surgery in general) and I am really starting to freak... "

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" ...of bed the day after surgery I said to the Physio move it due to the surgery but it will come right\". ...fair comment due to never having surgery before but alas I was... "

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" ...hand healed I had knee surgery in January 2011. ACL replacement, ...on the patella. Immediately after surgery I noticed I could not own. 11 month post surgery I finally went to see... "

" ...with thighs and legs flexed) during surgery or diagnostic procedures. In some ...most common surgical cause associated with femoral nerve injury has been abdominal hysterectomy,... "

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