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Feeling Sick

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Malaise (, mal-aze) is a feeling of general suffering or uneasiness, of being "out of sorts", often the first indication of an infecti...
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Common Feeling Sick treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 24,218 Pedialyte 5,832
6,273,084 conversations around the web about Feeling Sick to help you make a decision
6,273,084 conversations around the web about Feeling Sick to help you make a decision
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Feeling Sick & Sinus Headaches

7.18% of the posts that mention Sinus Headaches also mention Feeling Sick (2,161 posts)
Sinus Headaches
Feeling Sick
We found 2,161 discussions
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" ...experiencing clogged sinus, headaches, and sore throat. I'm trying to be very optimistic because in 2 days, my girlfriend is coming down to visit me. Would excerise, like lift weights and jog,... "

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" ...about taking Sudafed during pregnancy? I am twelve weeks and I have a killer sinus headache right now (i've... "

" I had a sinus headache the other day and was afraid to take tylenol since i had been sick all day I had nothing in my stomach and... "

" ...started getting sick a week before my sx too. I had a terrible sinus headache and was showing symptoms of a head cold. I took tylenol sinus and did the sinus rinse 3 times... "

" ...feeling similar. Tylenol sinus is on my list of o.k. meds but still trying to take it sparingly. I usually take it when my sinus headache gets pretty usual. I'm sorry that you've been sick... "

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" ...just waiting for my Sudafed to kick in and get rid of this sinus headache. I'm in denial about getting sick. I don't have time to get sick right now. I. Am. Not. Getting. Sick. And I have... "

" ...gets worse.I also have chronic sinus headaches.I think being in pain ...will be out of control.For me its a feeling of being out of control when I'm sick.I think maybe this is what... "

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" should start to clear up. I'm also taking tylenol b/c i have had bad sinus headaches. I really didn't want to have to take any antibiotics, but I was sick for over 2 weeks and... "

" ...I got SOOOO sick, my ...couldn't sleep, had the WORST sinus headache.... it was terrible! D: I just felt like crying alll the time! I definitely feel for ya... Try steam, and sudafed. That... "

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" I had severe sinus headaches for a month before my oldest ds was born. ...missed going to see family for Christmas because I was sick in bed with a bad cold and I ended... "

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