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Feeling Sick

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Malaise (, mal-aze) is a feeling of general suffering or uneasiness, of being "out of sorts", often the first indication of an infecti...
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Common Feeling Sick treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 24,250 Pedialyte 5,832
6,278,107 conversations around the web about Feeling Sick to help you make a decision
6,278,107 conversations around the web about Feeling Sick to help you make a decision
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Feeling Sick & Lower Back Pain

2.52% of the posts that mention Lower Back Pain also mention Feeling Sick (5,625 posts)
Lower Back Pain
Feeling Sick
We found 5,627 discussions
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" ...pain/sick Whenever I get sick, I have bad lower back pain. Taking Advil doesn't reall... "

" ...months. I am having a pulling pain in lower back and side. It continously there no matter what position im in. Im on tramadol and paracetamol for the pain. I also keep feeling sick hit ans cold.... "

"'s too late! I am feeling so sick today. I can't ...won't quit. I've taken Vicadin to no avail. I have nausea. I have taken my nasea meds. It won't go away. I have pain in my lower back.... "

" Will cannabis relieve lower back pain? ...A month ago I was quite sick for several weeks. As ...the pain. Does anyone have experience with marijuana as a lower back pain reliever? I just ne... "

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" ...made it short because I'm weak from being sick. One trip up and down ...held on right or left side for reps) 8:47 26 minute walk on the treadmill, program #2 to help relieve my low back pa... "

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" ...for 3 or 4 yrs when I first got sick. I was told 2 yrs ago, at age 44 that I had osteopenia & I'm sure I'd listed neurontin on drugs I'd taken. I'm shocked that no one pointed the connection out... "

" ...feels sick when she eats anything. she has several growing knots on her legs and one by her hip, the doctor says they are fatty tissue. she recently felt one under her arm pit andhas knots aound he... "

" ...ever ill and he would complain that he felt sick and had lower back pain! Status:... "

" ...Sunday since Sunday night I've been feeling sick having Lower back pains? And have some sort ...near my pelvis?? Could I... "

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" I, too, have chronic lower back pain and was put on 200 mg of this. I feel as sick as a dog and am just about to make an appointment with my Doctor. I was previously on Tramadol but did not... "

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