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Feeling Of Fullness

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(Fullness abdominal)
9,956 conversations around the web about Feeling Of Fullness to help you make a decision
9,956 conversations around the web about Feeling Of Fullness to help you make a decision
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Feeling Of Fullness & Shortness Of Breath

1.59% of the posts that mention Feeling Of Fullness also mention Shortness Of Breath (158 posts)
Feeling Of Fullness
Shortness Of Breath
We found 158 discussions
" ...I have had a feeling of fullness and at times it feels hard to breathe. I have no pain and no burning feeling. I feel very tired a lot and I have very itchy skin. I have... "

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" for 2-3 months i was totally addicted to sleeping pills (zolfresh ...the flab kind of hangs down. also i feel breathlessness, palpitation, feeling of fullness even by eating a toast, and feel as if... "

" Feeling of fullness / heaviness in chest post lobectomy ...instead of lost one. Started adjuvant chemo last Monday and am also rather breathless - even walking to and from the ensuite- worse than ... "

" lol I too craved olives hahah. Rossy that belly feeling of fullness only gets stronger. Mine some times feels like it wants to pop, I get out of breath real easy too now, I... "

" experiencing intestinal inflammation similar to IBS. Manifests with feeling of fullness and bloating and effects ...things using abdominals I am short of breath. Very disturbing and having... "

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" ...a day. At last check, my pressures ranged from mild to severe (severe in the portions where my liver was most damaged). I also get filled up fast, have a constant feeling of fullness, and... "

" ...few weeks I have been increasingly short of breath, develop a ...have been taking lasix on a regular basis as I have 1 pitting edema in the lower extremities and abdominal fullness. Not sure if... "

" ...anyone else experience the feeling of fullness yet your stomach is ...full - like I had over ate and it was hard to breathe. Tonight, I had just a ...and I still feel really full but my s... "

" Have you had the shortness of breath all along, or is it recent? Do you have any feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen or feel like something makes ...big jump could cause some shortness of brea... "

" neck, and a feeling of fullness in my throat, like ...not swallow. I also get short of breath very easily. The feeling of fullness is actually the tumor pressing on my esophagus and windpipe... "

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