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Increased Sex Drive

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Ask a question
(Libido increased)
22,192 conversations around the web about Increased Sex Drive to help you make a decision
22,192 conversations around the web about Increased Sex Drive to help you make a decision
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Fasting & Increased Sex Drive

We found 17 discussions
" ...closer to 10-11%, using intermittent fasting (IF). With IF, it is bf). One problem I have is the increased libido -- at this rate, my... "

" ...much to add other than having a \"clearer mind and increased libido\" is also an effect of fasting. It could have nothing to ...I'm a believer in occasional fasting to detox, but somehow... "

" noticing from AX - Increase in libido - AWESOME sleep (very deep) ...effect - but I get headaches quite often now. Not ...going for I'm Intermittent Fasting. Cals are a l... "

" ...SHBG. But nothing I've tried has made a dent except being insulin resistant. Not that I'm tryin ...just something I've noticed. I had a sudden increase in libido when my fasting blood sugar hit ... "

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" ...and not feel it. I do require some caffeine though, keeps me prepped for boardroom ...because it feels like fasting and appears to carry ...also caused a concomitant increase in Libido, as is... "

" ...try some cardio exercise or better yet try intermittent fasting, it helped increase my libido. Dont ask me how because I have no... "

" ...anyone else), yes, these are all common with intermittent fasting. Everyone I know who has done some sort IF ...during the fast and an increased libid... "

" ...prominent and immediate effects of fasting. I would refer you to ...are lowered resting heart rate, increased libido, and clearer complexion. Fast 16hrs... "

" ...3. Adrenaline burns fat & fasting increases bodies' resistance to stress ...5. All of the IFers here have unanimously reported increased libido 7. Like adrenaline, cortisol is a fat burning hor... "

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" Heavy restricting/fasting usually causes a spike in testosterone, which as we ...are that it is this that has triggered an increase in libido. But there are negative affects too, such as aggressi... "

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