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(Muscular fasciculation)
fasciculation , or "muscle twitch", is a small, local, involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation visible under the skin arising fr...
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3,864 conversations around the web about Fasciculation to help you make a decision
3,864 conversations around the web about Fasciculation to help you make a decision
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Fasciculation & Herniated Disc

0.39% of the posts that mention Fasciculation also mention Herniated Disc (15 posts)
Herniated Disc
We found 15 discussions
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" ...that arm. I have fasciculation off an on, but ...hard. I still have some numbness in my 2nd ...numbness my husband has is associated to the herniated disc he has in his back from years ago,... "

Post from
" possible that you suffered a herniated disc which is explaining all of ...and do not by themselves indicate something bad. A fasciculation is simply a spontatneos nerve impulse which causes p... "

Post from
" ...and explained by the 4 herniated discs of varying degrees in my back. There was no weakness, atrophy or change in ...physical exam. I was diagnosed with Benign Fasciculation Syndrome, as well ... "

" ...fasciculations are casued by your bulging discs, but it is certainly a ...I am sure. Compressed nerve roots can absolutely cause muscle fasciculation, I have seen it myself. I can press on... "

" ...disc herniation Hi All- I've ...chest. Has anyone had experience with a far lateral disc herniation? Mine is at l3-l4 ...thigh pain and serious fasciculation/leg twitching/cramps and wonder... "

" ...bug crawling sensations. I read about benign fasciculation syndrome, and it says that you can have these sensations also with the twitches. I am so ...also a c-spine, bulging disk at C-3, C-4.... "

" can often get a muscle twitching. If I fall ...twitching stops! Case proved. Lumber disc herniation will almost certainly be occupying ...pins and needles and fasciculation. I also ... "

" ...Greater burning, increase in fasciculation, and intense heel and ...5 mm right paracentral disc protrusion. No definite direct nerve ...superimposed 3 mm central disc protrusion. There is m... "

" ...normal reflexes (checked because of herniated disk) two days ago (arms, hands, legs) i´ve had twitches ALL OVER my body ...good and look for bening fasciculation on google to maybe help... "

Post from
" ...again in august 2001. VERY VERY painfull!!! May be herniated disk. Was close to kill myself. More painfull than IBS. P. - BFS (Benign Fasciculation Syndrome) 1992. Annoying. I'm use... "

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