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(Muscular fasciculation)
fasciculation , or "muscle twitch", is a small, local, involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation visible under the skin arising fr...
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3,863 conversations around the web about Fasciculation to help you make a decision
3,863 conversations around the web about Fasciculation to help you make a decision
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Fasciculation & Fibrillation

1.63% of the posts that mention Fibrillation also mention Fasciculation (41 posts)
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We found 41 discussions
" ...Hi all I am reading that fibrillation is something bad, which you ...but not see. Is that fibrillation ? Or is it normal fasciculation... "

" ...I have been constant fasciculation in both of ...EMG. There are some fibrillation potentials and fasciculation potentials in my legs, ...and shanks. Benign fasciculation maybe. Observation su... "

" ...nothing concerning shows up. The last EMG actually had a fasciculation show up in the tongue and the trapezius. A ...looked the same as a fibrillation does. Do you think a... "

" ...cases Doctors can confuse the fibrillation with a normal motor unit ...maybe the machine catches a fasciculation from distance and it looks ...when you only get rare fibrillation. But even if... "

" ...fibrillations ??? in my opinion a fibrillation is a quick fasciculation... so why should it ...for me a fibrillation is the same ...other things.... what about my 3rd clean EMG last month ??... "

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" ...& fibrillation why is there fasciculation in lower motor neuron (LMN) lesion but fibrillation in upper motor neuron UMN) lesion?? To my understanding, fasciculation = involuntary but synchronize... "

" ...the physiologic difference between a fasciculation and a fibrillation? - Random firing AP's of ...associated with fasciculations? Normal benign fasciculation syndrome Peripheral nerve hyperexcit... "

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" Fasciculation, fibrillation, and substantial atrophy can be expected. Normal muscle function... "

" ...A cramp, tic, tremor, fasciculation, or fibrillation? It could be anything... "

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" ALS spreading speed ...have not diagnosed. I have been fasciculations and weakness in both of ...months. The EMG result: some fibrillation potentials and some fasciculation potentials in both ... "

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