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Syncope , the medical term for fainting, is precisely defined as a transient loss of consciousness and postural tone characterized...
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805,398 conversations around the web about Fainting to help you make a decision
805,398 conversations around the web about Fainting to help you make a decision
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Fainting & Post Concussion Syndrome

0.91% of the posts that mention Post Concussion Syndrome also mention Fainting (27 posts)
Post Concussion Syndrome
We found 27 discussions
" ...Monday and since then I've been fainting... I think. I'll start to ...numerous times. Just now I passed out 5 times in 10 minutes. ...they said that I had post-concussion syndrome. I don't kn... "

", then immediately had to pass out. I woke up feeling ...feeling like I've taken a Benadryl or something. Anyone ...importance of glutamate in post-concussion syndrome, I guess this do... "

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" ...thought I was going to pass out or throw up. Lol, it ...I was gonna puke and pass out. For about 3 years, off and on, I had post-concussion syndrome symptoms. I'd be fine for... "

" ...never had one but have done extensive research on \"post concussion syndrome' , What happens is you their , by blackouts I don't mean you pass-out and fall down , you... "

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" ...fight because he was having fainting spells, almost like post-concussion syndrome. but the fact is that... "

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" There's a good possibility it will result in post concussion syndrome. Sammich is still passed out. She will wake up next to someone she thought... "

" QOTD: Prior 3 months. Syncope at the last marathon proded me to get checked ...well, and the neuro guy said I was experiencing post concussion syndrome. That part sucked, but easing back into it. F... "

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" Post Concussion Syndrome?? I've gotten 3 concussions in the past 2 months ...for some reason. They're so bad that I almost passed out during one of my final exams. I feel pretty... "

" Post Concussion syndrome and shortness of breath Question....I ...those concussions, I have developed this shortness of breath every once in a while. I have never passed out or hyperventilated from... "

" ...hard. I never passed out and remember everything. I started have severe headaches about 2 weeks ago and my arm has gone numb once. The doctors seem to think it is post concussion syndrome but I... "

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