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Syncope , the medical term for fainting, is precisely defined as a transient loss of consciousness and postural tone characterized...
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797,982 conversations around the web about Fainting to help you make a decision
797,982 conversations around the web about Fainting to help you make a decision
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Fainting & Gallbladder Attack

0.77% of the posts that mention Gallbladder Attack also mention Fainting (51 posts)
Gallbladder Attack
We found 51 discussions
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" i don't want to diagnose you, but I did have fainting, and unconciousness and even shaking when I experienced my gallbladder attack.You might want to get that checked out, in fact ask for a HIDA... "

" ...attack since then either. id rather give birth 7806524369658719087 times over, then experience another gallbladder attack I almost passed out from the pain. Labor pains were nothing compared to... "

" Anyone ever have a gallbladder attack? Off and on for 25 ...worshiping the throne on my knees I passed out for an hour on the ...pain until the day I passed out. My gall bladder was co... "

" ...BM right away. The colon pain gets worse & worse then the sweating & fainting. I feel like I'm ...shakey for awhile. I have also passed out from the pain of a gallbladder attack. Any severe pa... "

Post from
" The other night I had a gallbladder attack. My worst ever. I nearly passed out. In fact I am shocked I didn't. I couldn't ...out of labor pains. What do I get out of a gallbladder attack? "

" FWIW, Beth, I had my first gallbladder attack in June and had my ...I suppose. FWIW, I had two attacks, one quite mild, and ...the middle of the night, passed out on the bathroom floor, in... "

" Hi, I had a gallbladder attack when I restarted Atkins. I made a dozen deviled ...yum yum! And I thought I was going to pass out. I had an ultrasound done, and there were a... "

" I did lose some weight on a forced low fat diet - I had a gallbladder attack and elected to change my diet vs. surgery. I ...feel like your going to pass out. I think transitioning thru the... "

" I Had A Gallbladder Attack A Few Years Ago. I ...I Thought I Was Having A Heart Attack. I Was Sweating Bad And The Pain Was In The Center ...Thought I Was Going To Pass Out. I Made It Home And... "

" I had a gallbladder attack about 10 weeks PP. I was at WalMart and ...hell.I couldnt breath and started to hyperventilate... I almost passed out a few times too... Man, it was worse that... "

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