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Eye Problems

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Common Eye Problems treatments discussed around the web
Eye Drops 812 Prednisone 595 Restasis 231
32,773 conversations around the web about Eye Problems to help you make a decision
32,773 conversations around the web about Eye Problems to help you make a decision
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Eye Problems & Withdrawal

0.4% of the posts that mention Eye Problems also mention Withdrawal (131 posts)
Eye Problems
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We found 131 discussions
" ...realize you had the eye problems when we were ...can be a reaction/withdrawal......hope you feel... "

" Hi [...] I had lots of eye problems during my benzo journey, sore ...meds It all sounds like withdrawals to me but Its always... "

" Yep. Same here. Eye problems have been the scariest part of my withdrawal. I'm constantly thinking it's not withdrawl and there's something wrong with my eyes. I've been... "

" ...withdrawal ? I am stopping my neurontin (eye problems)that I have been taking for migraine headaches. I am tapering ...else that has stopped neurontin, experienced any problems? Also has... "

" I went off Effexor, Klonopin, Seroquel & Adderall in July and one of the worst withdrawal symptoms was the light saber noise. ...but I still have some eye problems (strange tight sensation between... "

" ...benzos) when my optometrist couldn't give me lenses that I could see clearly with. He redid the glasses several times then finally referred me to a College of Optometry in a nearby city. The head g... "

" ...taking it, I got eye problems. My vision also changed after I went thru the Effexor WITHDRAWL. I absolutely think Effexor ...weight gain, I gained about 30 plus pounds from Effexor XR. All my l... "

" ...has had anyone had difficulties with withdrawal symptoms coming off steroids? I ...a flare of the WG with eye problems. Hoping that with all the suffering of the withdrawal, I do not have to... "

" ...maybe it's in his book?? I know I have struggled with this ALL throughout withdrawal. Right now if I get in a bad wave ...forth when looking at things. Eye problems are commin with many pe... "

" ...caused problems with extreme dizziness and eye problems so i had to withdraw from it and introduce ropinerole which i was on quite a while and managing my pd well until i increased the... "

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