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Eye Problems

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(Eye disorders NEC in MDR13 0)
Common Eye Problems treatments discussed around the web
Eye Drops 812 Prednisone 594 Restasis 231
32,763 conversations around the web about Eye Problems to help you make a decision
32,763 conversations around the web about Eye Problems to help you make a decision
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Eye Problems & Hashimoto's Disease

0.3% of the posts that mention Eye Problems also mention Hashimoto's Disease (97 posts)
Eye Problems
Hashimoto's Disease
We found 97 discussions
" ...a decision. I had RAI for Graves hyperthyroid and had ...from hypo to hyper. Which is similiar to treating hashis. Also, had eye problems for awhile after RAI. Of ...all back to hyper again. ... "

" I was feeling, and at the time I felt just fine, Following that my antibodies continued to rise and i started feeling pretty lousy. My TSH was always well within normal range - usually about 2.... "

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" ...eye problems. My eyelids are very swollen and my eyes hurt the majority of the time. The pain is typically behind the eyes and yes, they feel very, very swollen --- almost like someone is over-infl... "

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" ...I have recently been diagnosed with cataracts and macular degeneration (I am only 46). As an autoimmune disease, is Hashimoto's ever associated with these eye problems? I take 75... "

" Question about eye problems My 17 year-old daughter has Hashi's hypothyroidism. She has recently switched from Armour to Synthroid so don't know her ...appt. due to the Hashi's. Does anyone know ... "

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" ...input would be welcome, too. :) I have Hashimoto's Toxicosis that is not being controlled effectively with drugs . Needing to be on Synthroid after treatment is not a complicating factor in my... "

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" ...was not an okay appt. I felt like he was inexperienced. I actually took a wiki article with me to prove that Hashi patients can also have eye problems! He said the two had nothing to do with each... "

" ...also, I have hashimotos. Do you get headaches from... "

" ...Jac My thyroid related eye problems went undiagnosed (i had ...bulging i now have really terrible eye floaters in one eye ...find till six years later that I have hashimotos..i'm still not s... "

" to go overactive and develop more eye problems? It seems like everytime my Free T4 gets to the high end of normal say around 1.6 or 1.7 I start having weird things happen with my eyes.. As... "

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