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Eye Infection

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list of human eye diseases and disorders.The World Health Organization publishes a classification of known diseases and injuries calle...
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Common Eye Infection treatments discussed around the web
Eye Drops 1,389 Erythromycin 94 Prednisone 84
19,048 conversations around the web about Eye Infection to help you make a decision
19,048 conversations around the web about Eye Infection to help you make a decision
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Eye Infection & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 14 discussions
" had contacts? I got a GPC eye infection when I was using the ...Permeable will work with the Hydrogen Peroxide disinfectants. (AOSept, Clear Care) I've haven't had problems. The only dow... "

" ...last year with a persistent eye infection that went away once I ...for days when I swim. Clear Care is a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner that is supposed to kill about anything... "

" ...My daughter's got some small warts on her chin, and my son had an eye infection (staph) move to his nostrills after the eyes healed up. It ...them out with hydrogen peroxide. Finally it seems... "

" of my cats got chin acne and passed it on and learned to apply Hydrogen Peroxide to the infected area twice ingrown nail, and an eye infection. An outdoor cat I had... "

" ...thoroughly and even use some Hydrogen peroxide on your hands (then rinse ...friend has never had an eye infection and... "

" ...lenses, and using a hydrogen peroxide lens cleaner (e.g. Aosept ...not likely at all. I've been wearing lenses for eight years and have never had an eye in... "

" ...with, no luck .. I have tried just regular hydrogen peroxide, no luck.... my poor guy looks awful I took him to the vet to rule out an eye infection or ear infection- she said it was just ... "

" ...use when treating an eye infection I've used 20ppm, 5ppm, and ...Ha! One big cotton ball soaked in very inexpensive hydrogen peroxide works wonders here, and is very fast. Of cou... "

", which isn't killed by hydrogen peroxide or normal cleaning solutions. Even if you use protein tablets and daily cleaners ...saw lots of cases of eye infection from contact lenses when ... "

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" ...can cause a very nasty eye infection. Acanthamoeba is present everywhere, especially ...hours of exposure to 3% hydrogen peroxide to kill it. Once it... "

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