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Uterine Polyp

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endometrial polyp or uterine polyp is a tumor in the inner lining of the uterus. They may have a large flat base (Sessility (med...
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2,866 conversations around the web about Uterine Polyp to help you make a decision
2,866 conversations around the web about Uterine Polyp to help you make a decision
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Exercise & Uterine Polyp

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" or mw. I've had endometrial polyps and had a hysteroscopy at ...found out I was pregnant, exercise was the first thing I ...should avoid all high impact exercise. I've got a cold at... "

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" schedule hysteroscopy to remove uterine polyp in Jan. Will start bcps ...start working out again. I have been such a slacker in the exercise department and I know it... "

" ...for a large dermoid on my ovary, and another 4 years where they did ...endo, removed adhesions, removed a uterine polyp, ovarian drilling and removed another ...lift heavy things without pain... "

" ...I exercise after DNC, Ablation and having a uterine Can I exercise after DNC, Ablation and having a uterine polyp removed? What would you ...had 4 - 5 years of abnormal bleeding, like more days... "

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" Endometrial Polyps and PCOS I am 39 and have PCOS, apart from which I taking no medication. I don't smoke and am slim and ...It's sometimes proviked by strenuous exercise mid cycle. I'd ... "

" ...all benign---now I feel better, relieved. He says I must now do kegel exercises and continue doing them to prevent my bladder and rectum from prolapsing too, says the pelvis muscles are all... "

" ...I had multiple problems with endometrial polyps on tamoxifen, ...or Evista, etc. My bone density stuff and my parathyroid hormone levels were normal. I'm ...increase my exercise. So, I'm... "

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" ...most likely by a small uterine polyp.?? Had it removed but got ...Go for walks, get some exercise, change your environment in some ...while you wait for your next period... "

" ...menstrual bleeding and they found endometrial polyps which they removed. I am ...told how long I couldn't exercise but I know I couldn't ...that coincided exactly with my weight gain. It wa... "

" Bladder exercise?? and blues! Hi Ladies, Today ...complex ovarian mass, uterine fibroids, uterine polyp, and a fluid filled cycst ...away with PMS!! I am on premarin, I'm afraid of it... "

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