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Hashitoxicosis, which can be abbreviated "Htx", is a transient hyperthyroidism caused by inflammation associated with Hashimoto's thyr...
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954 conversations around the web about Hashitoxicosis to help you make a decision
954 conversations around the web about Hashitoxicosis to help you make a decision
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Exercise & Hashitoxicosis

We found 9 discussions
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" I have Hashimotos and had hashitoxicosis for awhile. You should request a full antibody work believe that eating well, exercising, and keeping stress at bay... "

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" ...little long and I have Hashitoxicosis( attention span is shorter)so if ...describe, your heart rate during exercise isn't necessarily that high. I ...of a 25mcg tablet and exercised and my pu... "

" BP was up. Im trying the diet and exercise first and if that fails Ill go with his ...was 108/96. I know he thinks it is anxiety, but I think it's hashitoxicosis due to the muscle twitches we... "

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" ...I'm wondering if you have hashitoxicosis, like you've been thinking you ...that, plus, a little exercise like walking and stretching, ...little. You already have 2 autoimmune diseases, h... "

" ...I need to do core strengthening exercises and this will take away ...pain I have now. I have a low body temp about 90% of the ...symptoms so I suspect hashimotos or hashitoxicosis. I do... "

" possible that you have \"Hashitoxicosis\", which is a hyper \"flare\" ...the med. One thing is sure; do NOT exercise intensely until your heartrate... "

" ...was recently diagnosed as Graves as well as Hashimotos (Hashitoxicosis). I know there is some debate as to whether ...still be active! The idea of exercise is laughable to me because... "

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" curious if the surgery would take care of exercise intolerance , choking feeling, heart palps, etc........ I have been dealing with episodes of hashitoxicosis since I was diagnosed. It... "

" ...tired soon after any physical exercise. Your son's labs are very read my story about Hashitoxicosis? I hate to be the... "

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