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Eustachian Catarrh

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16 conversations around the web about Eustachian Catarrh to help you make a decision
16 conversations around the web about Eustachian Catarrh to help you make a decision
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What people say about Eustachian Catarrh

We found 16 discussions
" Hi in my opinion you are suffering from Upper respiratory tract infections . Your nose and sinuses are congested, producing ...the blockage. You also have eustachian catarrh with causes ear pain... "

" ...itching western remedies? I have Eustachian Catarrh which deep in my ear,... "

" Hi , in my opinion you have eustachian catarrh, causing ear blocked sensation with reduced hearing. I would suggest you to continue your decongestant with antihistamine for medicine another 5... "

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" ...are connected. I have pressure and water in my ears (eustachian catar... "

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" Eustachian catarrh. Dear Dr. Reiter, I seem to have had a ...and detailed reply. It does appear from your reply that I do not have Eustachian Catarrh. I did wonder then whether you could suggest ... "

" ...Age and co-morbid conditions may have a role - not stated by you Eustachian catarrh may be responsible -check with ENT doctor. Else a neck X-ray may be... "

" ...Welcome to Health Care Magic Eustachian catarrh is contributing to this You ...Drugs Since 5 days have already passed, secondary infection or progression to sinusitis... "

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" ...might consider this therapy to take care of the eustachian catarrh and sinusitis (esp. if it's chronic) I wro... "

" ...elongated styloid process.Temporomandibular joint arthritis. Parotid infection, dental problem, eustachian catarrh all these conditions causes ear pain. So without examining... "

" H.C.M. I have gone through your query regarding sinus infection , sore throat, ...respiratory tract infection with Eustachian catarrh. Hope your query is... "

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16 discussions

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