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(Ventricular extrasystoles)
premature ventricular contraction (PVC), also known as a premature ventricular complex, '''ventricular premature contraction (or...
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Common PVC's treatments discussed around the web
Atenolol 1,417 Toprol 1,382 Metoprolol 576
168,303 conversations around the web about PVC's to help you make a decision
168,303 conversations around the web about PVC's to help you make a decision
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Ethanol & PVC's

We found 27 discussions
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" ...Its somekind of strong PVC that won't degrade in that environment(cold-nonpolar). I have heard of regular makeshift pvc tube breaking down and ...isopropyl alcohol(methanol or ethanol would work... "

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" ...see you up and running! PVC hose isn't compatible with ethanol and will bleed plastisizers into... "

" ...temperature, ethanol can be stored in HDPE, polypropylene, PVC, PTFE, HPVC, but... "

" ...strings in alcohol. I have made a pvc cleaning tube, in which I soaked for 24 hours, or even more. Pure ethanol, methanol, isopropyl, acetone, something else? Many thanks for your... "

" Quote: Remember PVC valves and how screwed up ...helped us get ready for ethanol ruining small engines today. And... "

" ...go eating it, but it's not particularly toxic. It's just PVC dissolved in a solvent which ...about the same LD50 as ethanol (like in... "

" ...solvent extraction to get all the goodies out and leave the mold behind. Butane extraction through glass or stainless steel (NOT plastic or PVC) is good, or try hexane or ethanol... "

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" you can in fact run ethanol through an activated charcoal filter, stuff a bunch in a pvc pipe or buy a brita water filter(you need to run it a few times through the brita) and run some cheap... "

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" I wash my grinder out with hot ethanol, and then extract the oil. It depends a lot on what kind of ...high in kif, and do react with some plastics. PVC and low density PE are probably the worst... "

" ...test/estro dissolved in methanol, I have to add either ethanol or cyclohexane which will recrystallize my products? I though ...of money, can a column be made from clear PVC... "

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