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Estrogen Deficiency

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(Oestrogen deficiency)
Hypoestrogenism refers to a lower than normal level of estrogen.It is associated with the use of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog...
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Common Estrogen Deficiency treatments discussed around the web
Premarin 28 Conjugated Estrogens 1
1,491 conversations around the web about Estrogen Deficiency to help you make a decision
1,491 conversations around the web about Estrogen Deficiency to help you make a decision
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Estrogen Deficiency & Weight Gain

2.88% of the posts that mention Estrogen Deficiency also mention Weight Gain (43 posts)
Estrogen Deficiency
Weight Gain
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Weight Gain
We found 43 discussions
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" ...think it is related to weight loss since I have gained most of it back and ...I may have an underlying estrogen deficiency anyways. If no AF then ...I always had to do clomid then I would ha... "

" ...u is an apple :) u have testosterone dominance/ estrogen deficiency.. take one good supplement, like maca or muira puama ...wont do much for apples.. go on a weight loss diet to get rid... "

Post from
" ...women. The obsessive fear of weight gain, critically limited food intake and ...hypothalamic level, which cause profound hypoestrogenism. AN is related to a... "

" ...sympathy when you have to gain weight. It's not like I'm emaciated ...when I already have an estrogen deficiency. It definitely sounds like we because I started my period within one ... "

" ...tho'. she also said my hair loss, skin condition, and weight gain is more than likely due ...are after so long in estrogen deficiency. i'll post again when the... "

" ...progesterone deficiency, but also estrogen deficiency, so an overall hormonal ...poses. I also had a pretty low sex drive for a long ...other symptoms (e.g., acne, weight gain) also get bett... "

" ...too. Do you have hashimoto's thyroiditis? Sorting out symptoms of hypo and estrogen deficiency is -I think near ...My bone spec. has given me orders to gain some weight. So, I don't really... "

" ...a reply. I was born with septo-optic dysplasia with the complications of underactive throid, growth hormone deficiency, estrogen deficiency and possible gonadatropin ...make you gain weight? is ... "

" Estrogen deficiency question (for a friend) Hi ...100% did/does not have an eating disorder but got scary skinny. She was told by her doc to either gain 10 lbs or go back on BCP so she went on... "

" out (since O3 is a PUFA, too, and we're not ...test ever since I started gaining weight 8 years ago. I'll wait ...bloating and big belly with estrogen deficiency? (Yeah, I know, leaky gu... "

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