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Estrogen Deficiency

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(Oestrogen deficiency)
Hypoestrogenism refers to a lower than normal level of estrogen.It is associated with the use of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog...
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Common Estrogen Deficiency treatments discussed around the web
Premarin 28 Conjugated Estrogens 1
1,491 conversations around the web about Estrogen Deficiency to help you make a decision
1,491 conversations around the web about Estrogen Deficiency to help you make a decision
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Estrogen Deficiency & Joint Pain

1.27% of the posts that mention Estrogen Deficiency also mention Joint Pain (19 posts)
Estrogen Deficiency
Joint Pain
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Joint Pain
We found 19 discussions
" ...sense that the hot flashes and joint pain would indicate that the treatment is \"working\", because those are the symptoms associated with estrogen deficiency, which is flashes, joint pai... "

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" ...know anything about estrogen deficiency, but have had ...but would get numbness and tingling ...I also had issues with joint pain and vaginal dryness/painful sex. I started taking fish oil pi... "

" ...the surgery. My back hurts off and ...night in bed. I am having joint pain- pinkie finger, thumb, left ...I read somewhere that joint pain can be from an estrogen deficiency. I am/was estrog... "

" ...Kay! Yes, I have had joint pain for almost a year. I never associated it with estrogen deficiency until an inkling of that ...and knee joints have not been as painful. I'm just wondering why... "

" ...Side effects of premarin. I know at about a year post-op I was experiencing achy joints. It almost felt ...signs of progesterone/estrogen deficiency. Too Much/Too Little Achy joints fall... "

" Gluten can also cause joint pain and osteoarthritis in someone who ...those with Celiac Disease. Also, estrogen deficiency can cause joint pain and osteoarthritis in post-menopausal women.... "

" ...- my joints (particularly me knees & hips) are really aching since about 4 week ...on the hormonal jungle that achy joints is a symptom of oestrogen deficiency - but I know it... "

" ...are needed. If you are having any symptoms of estrogen deficiency like night sweats, joint pains, mood swings, vaginal dryness etc. you can use the... "

" so painful and it snaps. This started when the joint aches did, which was about 10 months after my hyst. wondering if it is from estrogen deficiency, since I am not on... "

" go ! I use Vagifem for some of the soon. How are your aching joints and do you have other ...well!!!! Doesn't she realise that oestrogen deficiency lasts for ever and some... "

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