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Method of use: Transdermal Gel
Prescribing mode: Rx
Estradiol (E2 or 17 -estradiol, also oestradiol) is a sex hormone. Estradiol is abbreviated E2 as it has 2 hydroxyl groups in it...
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Estrogel for HRT
3,865 conversations around the web about Estrogel to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Estrogel and compared it to other HRT medications
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6 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Estrogel & Cost

We found 77 discussions
" ...Pharmacist and if I do go to two pumps of Estrogel the cost for me will be approximately $200 can do. I spoke with doc's office and we are switching over to the Estrace... "

" I have used estrogel but it's twice the price of divigel with my insurance. I did see an endocrinologist who diagnosed the adrenal/pituitary issue... now I don't see her anymore as she decided she... "

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" My endo gave me a estrogel discount card that lowers the price. I haven't tried to fill the script yet because ...and give an update of the card drops the price down. If it does you can ask your do... "

" ...long to respond. I've been using estrogel for years now and yes ...sticky at all. As for cost I don't know as it's'll wash it off! I love my estrogel!!!! Hugs and good luck,... "

" ...similar to mine. Climara gives me energy but ...(not to mention the cost). Pills are a nightmare... ...there. I am currently using Evamist which is very similar to the Estrogel. I find th... "

" ...GP queries it the NHS price is the about same as ...We are learning together. I am starting on 3 pumps of estrogel a day I was on 2/10 Femston and still have the odd hot flush several times a w... "

" ...Estrogel and is it working pretty good the only issue I really have with Estrogel, (my insurance only pays $20 of the $80 cost) I do get the coupon online, but it doesn't last til the next... "

" I am also giving the EstroGel a try. I have been ...estradiol so the increase in cost is inhibitive but I've been alternatives. If you go to the EstroGel web site, they have... "

" I've used estrogel for a few months now and I have to say I had one of the best winters (psychologically ...My dr wrote me an offscript for Testim gel which I paid full price for. Still... "

" ...Estrogel, but due to cost and the dosage it was expensive (insurance only covered $20). I tried the generic estradiol .05 patch early in recovery and broke out in hives & horrible itching and had a... "

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