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Essential Tremor

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Essential tremor (ET) is a slowly progressive neurological disorder whose most recognizable feature is a tremor of the arms that...
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Common Essential Tremor treatments discussed around the web
Propranolol 383 Mysoline 179 Inderal 163
5,268 conversations around the web about Essential Tremor to help you make a decision
5,268 conversations around the web about Essential Tremor to help you make a decision
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Essential Tremor & SSRIs

We found 119 discussions
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" ...a shot. I have essential tremor and it hasn't exacerbated ...All tricyclics and SSRIs seem to do... "

" Quote: One side effect of SSRI's like cymbalta is tremors. I also have Essential Tremor and I refused to take his work that SSRI's do not work well ...underlying pain but, not the sh... "

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" Have you asked your pdoc about benign essential tremor? I have that in a mild form and when ...It can be exacerbated by SSRIs and SNRIs, though these effects... "

" any of the SSRIs made my essential tremor worse. I wondered if anyone else here takes it, and what to expect in the way of side effects, etc. I think that part of my... "

" ...comment about talking yourself off the medication scares me. SSRI'S are not medications you can cold turkey off of. ...take it. I also have Essential Tremor and as tremor is a... "

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" ...cause the tremor to worsen at times and also the Prozac does nothing to help my anxiety. In your opinion, would you think I should try Propranolol or Pindolol? Thanks for any advice.... "

" ...hope you'll post how the propranolol is working for you. I ...high blood pressure (medication related), essential tremor and can sweat prodigiously in ...had increased sweating on the SSRIs, ... "

Post from
" ...for my Essential Tremor worsen my tremor. Anyone know of anything that really works for Essential Tremo "

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" ...put on Topomax for essential tremor. I was wondering if it would help my major depression as well. I am not bipolar. I have PTSD and... "

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" ...I do have a problem with anxiety with wellbutrin. Could also be caused by Celexa. A lot of ...aches. I have a tremor also b... "

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