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Kidney Failure

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(Renal failure)
Renal failure or kidney failure (formerly called renal insufficiency) describes a medical condition in which the kidneys f...
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Common Kidney Failure treatments discussed around the web
Lasix 311 Lisinopril 166 Procrit 139
84,526 conversations around the web about Kidney Failure to help you make a decision
84,526 conversations around the web about Kidney Failure to help you make a decision
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Essential Oils & Kidney Failure

We found 15 discussions
" ...use it because I have a cat and many essential oils can be toxic to cats. My 20yr old boy has kidney failure so I need to keep any possible toxins as... "

" I have a skin condition due to my kidney failure that caused horrible rashes, and even blisters on my ...was olive oil mixed with essential oils. I apply it every singl... "

" ...few months ago... \"CATS AND ESSENTIAL OILS DO NOT MIX!! Their ...but I've seen references to kidney failure as well.\" Birds also ...the meantime, I have a kitty in renal fai... "

" ...taurine in the diet can cause blindless in cats. Kidney failure can be caused by Tea Tree oil, other essential oils and Kangaroo meat. In australia Pet Mince would be... "

" ...I don't know anything about kidney failure, but I'd think that a could for her. Hey, another internet friend uses essential oils for some remedies & one of the ones she... "

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" ...My sweet old dog is in early kidney failure. Sometimes, esp at night, he loses control and pees ...area? Off to diffuse some essential oils. . . p.s. his spot... "

" ...make sure to get the word out: CATS AND ESSENTIAL OILS DO NOT MIX!! Their systems cannot metabolize/process this, not on liver damage but I've seen references to kidney failure... "

" ...Coneberries has a much useful essential oils.sugars,microelements. They are useful in oedemas,causing a kidney failure.and blood chronic cystitis,urine stone... "

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" ...want it around; but tea tree oil and other essential oils will not be powerful enough to do what you As a PP said, renal failure is nothing to mess around... "

" and I hate zyvox, gives me horrible side effects (but it does work). put me in kidney failure. Needless to say, I'm ...months ago I started inhaling essential oils and the results ha... "

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