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Esophageal Spasm

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(Oesophageal spasm)
Diffuse esophageal spasm (DES) is a condition in which uncoordinated contractions of the esophagus occur. It is thought to result from...
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1,463 conversations around the web about Esophageal Spasm to help you make a decision
1,463 conversations around the web about Esophageal Spasm to help you make a decision
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Esophageal Spasm & Shortness Of Breath

3.28% of the posts that mention Esophageal Spasm also mention Shortness Of Breath (48 posts)
Esophageal Spasm
Shortness Of Breath
We found 48 discussions
" ...Greetings, I've had one full-blown esophageal spasm (Aug 09) a few 'close ...of early symptoms (throat tightening, difficulty breathing), all when bicycle racing/hard training... "

" Many years ago my bride had an esophageal spasm. At the time, she felt very much like you described, with feelings of pressure, shortness of breath, etc. Over the years we've learned which foods she... "

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" ...Anyone ever hear of an esophageal spasm? I hadn't until last Monday. of my chest. I couldn't breathe, swallow or talk. I thought ...OK. They said I had an esophageal spasm. The pain... "

" ...little like I'm a little out of breath? IBS? Esophageal spasm? Thanks,... "

" is a question for all of you who had FUNDO done. Can esophageal spasm cause tightness in the neck and trouble breathing? I mean I am not sure what the spasm feel like, yet I... "

" #7 Ditto! I have this Esophageal spasm for about a week now. ...pain that makes me catch my breath. I breathe with it, ...teh tongue (generic DISPAS). It helped some, but, lately... "

" ...can't stop thinking about my breathing). a hot water bottle helps ease the pain, and ...way of knowing... can an oesophageal spasm cause problems breathing? i will ask my gp... "

" ...fellow Michigander. Your sensation of shortness of breath could be due to an esophageal spasm which is relieved by belching,... "

" ...mention made of a possible esophageal spasm? It manifests very much like angina (chest pain, shortness of breath) and makes sense given your... "

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" ...symptoms are due to diffuse esophageal spasm of the muscles of the ...esophagus . The main symptoms are chest pain and difficulty breathing . Another cause of your... "

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