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Erythritol + Gum

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254 conversations around the web about Erythritol + Gum to help you make a decision
254 conversations around the web about Erythritol + Gum to help you make a decision
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Erythritol & Gum

We found 254 discussions
" ...wasn't something else in the gum? While some gum is sweetened with xylitol, I've well. I've never seen gum sweetened with erythritol or agave. Also, while excessive ...caused by xyli... "

" ...I've done this but the erythritol still recrystallizes (even powdered Swerve). ...there's a certain ratio of gum to Erythritol that works well? Or does... "

" ...used straight up acacia gum with a pinch of ...made the crystals of erythritol much tinier after the the fridge, vs the gum-less control, basically eliminating the me... "

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" ...use Xylitol and Erythritol, Stevia extract is my sweetener of choice. I like chewing gum and I've been chewing Xylitol gum and also, I only use toothpastes that have... "

" ...tea, sf sprite, water, sf gum D - eggs/bacon or mock ...rice (shirataki noodles) fatbomb - butter/erythrito... "

" ...think Kevin says that erythritol's cooling effect can be part Not-Sugar (the gum blend) or Not-Starch, which... "

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" ...sweeteners. Stevia, I will use. Erythritol, I will use. Maltitol I ...Xylitol is good for gum. That's about i... "

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" Erythritol doesn't have the extensive studies you need more. It's more expensive compared to xylitol. Most people do not ...of... "

" ...uses sugar cane to use Erythritol and I know I need ...percentage of it with Xanthum gum to avoid crystallization. Does anyone... "

" ...their are several types of erythritol; which brand is best? I just looked up xanthum gum, and have the same question... "

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