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Common Swelling treatments discussed around the web
Ibuprofen 26,001 Tylenol 17,670 Prednisone 16,477
1,936,244 conversations around the web about Swelling to help you make a decision
1,936,244 conversations around the web about Swelling to help you make a decision
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Epididymectomy & Swelling

We found 11 discussions
" Swollen nads. I have an epididymectomy 4 weeks and am still very swollen on the side of the... "

" ...was always surprised by the swelling. After my orchiectomy the swelling was worst. So that has ...No denervation just the epididymectomy? Having the pains again on the left... "

" Quote: Yup. Enjoy your epididymectomy. Epididymitis is a somewhat common ...epididymitis there's usually very noticable swelling of the epididymis. Anyway, here's... "

" ...thing i had. The Snip went ok initially, slight swelling/bruising/aching , But 2 years ago, Thought i'd grown a ...option was to have an Epididymectomy. Total success no more pain,... "

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" To answer your questions: 1) Swelling after a hydrocelectomy may be ...improvement in symptoms after an epididymectomy. However, this procedure is not... "

" ...compared to what an epididymectomy might do. I found ...pain. Succession of the epididymectomy procedure was from 67-87 ...were abnormalities, cysts, present swelling or infections, vasec... "

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" ...which was cured by Ibuprofen. That was until 4 ...urologist who has recommended an epididymectomy (where they remove the epididymitis ...assist with reducing the swelling - anybody trie... "

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" ...& failed), pain management (which I passed on) or epididymectomy (which I'm thinking about). What is causing the pain? ...becomes tender & painful with swelling of the epididmis & the... "

" ...from a case of epididymitis for about 2 years now. I have spent ...proceed with a right side epididymectomy. Today is my second day ...blood rushes into the area. Swelling is setting in sl... "

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" ongoing recurring chronic infection, swelling, pain, frozen pea packs, antibiotics. ...others who have had recent epididymectomy (or orchitis) to learn of... "

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