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Ephedrine is taken for: Asthma Allergies Low Blood Pressure


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Taken for: Weight Loss*, Asthma
Prescribing mode: OTC
*Off Label
Ephedrine ( or not to be confused with methcathinone) is a sympathomimetic amine commonly used as a stimulant, appetite suppressant,...
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Ephedrine for Asthma
111,431 conversations around the web about Ephedrine to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Ephedrine and compared it to other Weight Loss medications
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6 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Ephedrine cause Itching ?

#42 in Ephedrine discussions - 118 posts discuss Itching with Ephedrine. Itching is #42 concern in Ephedrine discussions.
We found 118 discussions
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" ...the mention of caffeine/ephedrine). So, the lifts ...super heavy lifting. Although the caffeine and ephedrine might make me itchy, is there any interference with the accutane? how about the... "

" ...Exzyma are succeptable to it. I take Jack3d as a preworkout with some ephedrine on heavy days, But ive still gotten itchy without taking those for like 2... "

" ...always been ephedrine mate. The problem is sourcing decent stuff these days. Well I'm paying for last nights excesses. Up for work at 5.30am with horrible indigestion and feeling really f*cki... "

" ...ephedrine out there...anyone know Trying to find a great ephedrine product. I used to ...for some good ephedrine products out there. Have one product now that makes me feel itchy, not happy ab... "

" ...I'm very nervous about trying the ephedrine stack. High doses of stimulants make me nauseous and dizzy...and make my brain feel itchy. I've never felt \"energized\" from caffeine or any of... "

" hyper activated. Sometimes ephedrine helps temporarily. There is one bizzare thing: some weekends, I can still feel the the juice kick in, and the itch,pain, and puffiness goes away... "

Post from
" ...because I used to abuse ephedrine and other stimulants,but anyway,I have tried niacin and it ALWAYS made me flush horribly...maybe it was just the brand,but I tried timed release and it still made... "

" ephedrine and I find that ...before the workout.... I tried Jack3d and ephedrine and I couldn't ...the supp. makes your face itch and with the increased intensity of the ephedrine ... "

" Ephedrine always made me feel jittery and it made my skin crawl. I couldn't stop itching when I was taking ephedra... "

" test cyp & deca cycle, ive also started taking nolvadex to minimise gyno as i was getting some itchiness around nipples. im also taking ephedrine a few times a week to control diet more... "

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