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Enlarged Spleen

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Splenomegaly is an enlargement of the spleen. The spleen usually lies in the left upper quadrant (LUQ) of the human abdomen. It is one...
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6,836 conversations around the web about Enlarged Spleen to help you make a decision
6,836 conversations around the web about Enlarged Spleen to help you make a decision
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Enlarged Spleen & Thyroid

We found 48 discussions
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" ...a problem & I have an enlarged spleen. My last blood work showed my calcium at 200. My endo ...will greatly improve once the thyroid is in control. Just do... "

" ...Hi! I've had Hashi's for years and a ...especially since I've had idiopathic splenomegaly in the past. I've read that primary lymphoma of the thyroid is very rare. I'm wondering... "

" ...didn't look at my thyroid. When they looked at ...had an infection(suspected meningitis) about 5 years ago which left ...Abdomen ultrasound showed slightly enlarged spleen. Since my problems ... "

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" (having previously been diagnosed with glandular fever and then hashimotos) had them deciding that I have an enlarged spleen and a fairly sudden onset people with autoimmune thyroid a... "
November 29, 2014
Hi, I have CLL and all the related autoimmune stuff that came with it. I have suspected some
thyroid issues because of weight gain. It sounds like CLL might be your core disease and all the
others secondary. Sorry about the news , but my life is one big doctors appointment after another. I have been labeled a Paradox , is what my oncologist calls me.

" ...she thinks it may be enlarged spleen....all I know is I feel heart scans and the regurgitation report on my heart from PMR the know on endo and Thyroid.... I am blessed Thank you... "

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" ...diagnosed with GD. I have the fast heart rate, tremors, skin breakouts, etc. I also have an enlarged Spleen possibly from GD? The Dr. ...scheduled for surgery on the thyroid & the spleen. I a... "

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" ...children . I started having pain in Dec. I had an ultra sound of my stomach and thyroid . The Dr. told me that I have an enlaged spleen , enlarged thyroid , my ph is off, and that I... "

" ...draw all the test for thyroid panel to see what they ...a ultra sound of the thyroid and that are also gonna ...feel he may have an enlarged spleen Even with Bobbys thryoid at... "

" be an enlarged spleen. No fever,but her ...removed it,she takes synthroid daily. She ...abnormal was that her thyroid was low, her colesterol was high. They increased her thyroid and he is... "

" ...effect of dytor? I have umbilical hernia. what should I do? in month of April. spleen enlarged Hb1ac 5.2 Thyroid normal. what will I do sir. I am bit confused. is this a good... "

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