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Enlarged Pituitary Gland

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(Pituitary enlargement)
214 conversations around the web about Enlarged Pituitary Gland to help you make a decision
214 conversations around the web about Enlarged Pituitary Gland to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Enlarged Pituitary Gland

Enlarged Pituitary Gland & Pain

4.21% of the posts that mention Enlarged Pituitary Gland also mention Pain (9 posts)
Enlarged Pituitary Gland
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We found 9 discussions
" ...Some of my levels are off due to an enlarged Pituitary gland. Im being sent to an Endocrinologist. I already have pain in my legs at times. I'm hoping my bones... "

" ...diagnosed with a vitamin d deficiency of 15 ...with sever fatigue and body aches. I also have been suffering from severe migraines and have an enlarged pituitary gland and very irregular menstru... "

" ...a little swollen. I also have pain in my lower stomach on ...I have not had my period since late November (my ...high prolactinoma do to an enlarged pituitary gland (all test have been comple... "

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" ...leap(across gender barrier). I have gynecomastia also. I love having ...Basically if you have an enlarged pituitary gland this can cause the brain ...cow but they would get painful and I wo... "

" ...was yes...and that she(my neuro) doesn't do chronic pain..... mind you...we haven't ...the classic enhancement and pituitary enlargement seen with ICH. Last cope with constant pain via... "

" ...story. I've been in so much pain since march. I was vomiting ...pregnant. I was in so much pain and have had continuous nausea ...a tumor in his brain (enlarged pituitary gland) and he wasn't... "

" ...since then but accompanied by pain in one eye and colour ...brain scan a few weeks ago showed up an enlarged pituitary gland (plus lesions but not in the right place for... "

" ...Cramps Mood Libido Jaundice Kidney ache Testicular shrinkage Blood Pressure Head ...sides we can't see: Cholesterol Pituitary enlargement etc. And of the sides... "

" ...strained it. My back is sore and my head is throbbing, the nerve atrophy, weight loss, reflex issues, and pituitary enlargement? As far as how long it will take for... "

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