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Kidney Failure

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(Renal failure)
Renal failure or kidney failure (formerly called renal insufficiency) describes a medical condition in which the kidneys f...
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Common Kidney Failure treatments discussed around the web
Lasix 311 Lisinopril 165 Procrit 139
84,509 conversations around the web about Kidney Failure to help you make a decision
84,509 conversations around the web about Kidney Failure to help you make a decision
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Enemas & Kidney Failure

We found 36 discussions
" ...and used two generic bottled enemas one after the other that that phosphate crystals have caused kidney failure after just one use in some people. Now I am terrified. I wonder if the... "

" my MIL with her chronic constipation from narcotic use (and ...yrs of using laxatives and enemas to combat this problem, which ...for fecal impaction. She had renal failure in early Jan... "

" Fleets enemas?? are they safe?? Hi all, ...from the shelves because they were causing kidney failure, but I figured maybe that ...did not have any Fleets enemas. I asked the pharmacist about... "

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" fiance had experienced kidney failure and barely made it through it 2 years ago. Therefore I am terrified of even doing the enema with her because she only has one funcioning kidney. What do... "

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" ...comes 3 years after her dad died from kidney failure so if you could think good thoughts toward this family, I'm going to take this girl and take her to the local mall...and you can guess from... "

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" no, Fleets cannot cause kidney failure. However, we do not use Fleets enemas on patients with kidney failure because it is made with ...kidneys. If you have kidney failure - you can't ... "

" dad passed away two weeks ago (bladder cancer), but a week and a half before his death, he was diagnosed with kidney failure & had a heart attack (he pulled through that and lived almost... "

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" ...she is doing the Fleet enemas I would be concerned. I go into full blown kidney failure. If her doctor is recommending ...procedure that ended up with kidney failure. And my MIL who has... "

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" cleanse her system with saline enemas. Needless to say, the young wife and mother is no longer on this earth, having gone into renal failure. I am not trying to change your mind about... "

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" hear about all your pain. Your situation mirrors a well. I also have stage 3 kidney failure. Did your nephrologist say that ...even vitamins and no Fleet enemas. To be specific no NS... "

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