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Enema is taken for: Constipation


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Taken for: Constipation
Prescribing mode: OTC
enema ( plural enemata or enemas) is the procedure of introducing liquids into the rectum and Colon (anatomy) via the anus. ...
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Enema for Constipation
101,907 conversations around the web about Enema to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Enema and compared it to other Constipation medications
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Does Enema cause High Blood Pressure ?

#79 in Enema discussions - 82 posts discuss High Blood Pressure with Enema. High Blood Pressure is #79 concern in Enema discussions.
We found 82 discussions
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" ...enema with high blood pressure... safe? Hello, I am wanting to try a coffee enema, but I have high blood pressure and if I drink ...if I do an enema with a cup ...Or am I just being paranoid?... "

" ...have one after a baryum enema. I have high blood pressure and I suffer from water retention. My doctor told me ...have one before and after the enema, I compromised and had one after the en... "

Post from
" the mornings, or do an enema when you feel \"toxic\". I avoid the SWF altogether because it makes my borderline high blood pressur... "

" ...taken Apriso for over a year with no real issue. Accept now dr thing it's giving me high blood pressure. I am ...anything. I have had a slight rash but I think it's from hydrocortizone enema. ... "

" ...with that. I ended up getting a partial enema to help with this. And I did vomit which hurt like nothing else because of the incision. I was honestly miserable but I had high BP and was recoverin... "

" I asked for a stool softner, but my doctor gave an enema order instead. I said never mind. I had a ...was soooo swollen from my eclampsia. The nurse said she ...BP down along with my high BP... "

" often. I have high blood pressure,cholesterol, borderline diabetes, over weight, ...then not, when I give myself an enema, it seems my whole system feels better. I am eating... "

Post from
" I just noticed that I wrote enema instead of edema. hah Well I have the flu so... No, there was no 24 hour urine ...resolve themselves except the occasional high BP (which as has been stated... "

" ...up on the digestic tract back when my father-in-law was diagnosed an eventually died from colon cancer and it is amazing how many things are connected to ...high blood pressure) rashes ... "

" ...taking the other kind of enema, the messthalmine or however you ...normal? Also, I now have high blood pressure and have a constant constriction... "

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