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Oxycodone (OxyContin and other brand names) is an opioid analgesic medication synthesized from opium-derived thebaine. It was de...
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Endone for Pain
5,264 conversations around the web about Endone to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Endone and compared it to other Pain medications
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Endone & Side Effects

We found 232 discussions
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" So true, I was given Panadeine Forte and Endone as they thought my contractions were just side effects of being induced.. ummm didn't do a damn thing!... "

" ...saying that they had discovered that fibromyalgia was connected to ...can cope with trying to come down off the Endone. Pain killers have a started about the side-effects). But I've tri... "

" ...I'm not suffering a huge amount of pain to warrant the tramadol or endone with their side effects however it's all basically one sided anyway. Does anyone else have most of... "

" Hi Jane! Please don't take Endone! They are horribly addictive! You ...doesn't hold a candle to Endone! The side effect are far ...end up back on codeine or Endone! It worked for me! Oh... "

" ...forced to use Endone (Oxycodone), which I despise as it has caused serious side effects that have impacted ...recent years I have turned to a tincture of cannabis for pain relief with spectacula... "

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" ...GD. They put the cervidil in at could be a side effect unless they were frequent ...nothing so they gave me endone.. did nothing... They kept telling me it was just a side effect and w... "

" ...week and saw my GP for pain management. At first she was reluctant to put me on Endone as I gather she'd ...the GP with my husband for support. I then used Endone for a week or so keeping in min... "

" ...a return to work. Treatment is still difficult after 4 years, fatigue, bone pain and the myriad of side effects that morphine/ endone / Revlimid and other drugs... "

" ...on endone ...side effects and possible interactions with my Cymbalta. Plus Im waiting to see a pain specialist who will know more what to do and stuff. Back pain people on workers comp are no... "

" ...spasms etc. I found Tramadol really good. I took ...the bad patch. I found it as good as endone/morphine but without the side effects of nausea, dizzyness and ...hope you get the pain under c... "

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