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Endometrial Polyp

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endometrial polyp or uterine polyp is a tumor in the inner lining of the uterus. They may have a large flat base (Sessility (med...
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847 conversations around the web about Endometrial Polyp to help you make a decision
847 conversations around the web about Endometrial Polyp to help you make a decision
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Endometrial Polyp & Tiredness

1.77% of the posts that mention Endometrial Polyp also mention Tiredness (15 posts)
Endometrial Polyp
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" ...stir crazy...but of course get tired and sore pretty quickly. my ...about it but also sent me a copy...i had adenomyosis, an endometrial polyp and chronic cervicitis.... "

" ...push for a hysterectomy at this point. I had an endometrial polyp removed Sept 2004 and am having the same symptoms ...of problems, I'm done.. I'm tired. don't mean to sound moody... "

" ...radiologist thought it was an endometrial polyp. I even have a photo ...not particularly heavy and I've never suffered really bad cramps (either on or off ...nap as I'm feeling kinda tired. ... "

" ...ultrasound yesterday, received a call today that I have an endometrial polyp and a 3cm hemmorhagic ovarian cyst. Most of the ...cry that's been building up! Very tired the past two days. I... "

" ...would me. I mentioned the fatigue and he says it's normal, ...3x normal size, I had a benign endometrial polyp, adenomyosis (but no endometriosis), and numerous fibroids that... "

" ...later). Just had another transvaginal ultrasound due to heavy, irregular periods with cramping and fatigue. Very anemic. This ...and to evaluate endometrial polyp versus endometrial hyperplas... "

" Endometrial Polyp next to fetus Hello Ladies and they found an endometrial polyp almost as big as the ...feel very beat up and tired. But what started to worry... "

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" ...over a year ago I have been extremely tired and just not feeling myself. ...ultrasound in January. My pain in my right ...measuring approx. 6mm. A small endometrial polyp cannot be excluded... "

" ovaries and tubes, adhesions, endometrial polyp, cystic ovaries and an endometrioma. ...sense? Must go rest. I am sore and very tired from all the poking and... "

" a week. A week later, no virus, still tired, white blood cells still elevated. Check again twice over ...ultrasound done. They find an endometrial polyp, refer me to my GYN... "

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