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Endometrial Cancer

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Endometrial cancer refers to several types of cancer that arise from the endometrium, or lining, of the uterus. Endometrial cancers ar...
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Common Endometrial Cancer treatments discussed around the web
Tamoxifen 1,318 Megace 318 Taxol 299
21,117 conversations around the web about Endometrial Cancer to help you make a decision
21,117 conversations around the web about Endometrial Cancer to help you make a decision
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Endometrial Cancer & Gas Pain

0.07% of the posts that mention Endometrial Cancer also mention Gas Pain (15 posts)
Endometrial Cancer
Gas Pain
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Gas Pain
We found 15 discussions
" ...Since I was diagnosed with endometrial carcinoma , the surgery involved ...pee. I am taking pain meds and stool softener daily. the pain ...unable to sleep i am having some gas pain to... "

" I had really bad nausea in the ...ovaries kept! Unfortunately they did find that there was still endo cancer and I am now ...did. Home now, gas pain being managed by gas-x and regula... "

" ...pathology report. I did have grade 1, non-invasive endometrial cancer in two small areas but ...only treatment I need. I haven't had problems with gas pain for several days - until... "

" ...Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer on 7/28/11 just had DaVinci rid of some gas pain... but my left shoulder rear end feels a bit numb) lol.... anything I... "

" ...then b/c my experience seemed like more of same: gas pain, painful BM's, frequent urination, needing naps after shower, walk, cancer free :-) My endometrial cancer dx came as the result... "

" ...other thn colace and Tylenol (I'm allergic to NSAIDs) since last Thursday. The gas pain was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! That was worse final pathology (I have endo cancer). Really hoping next we... "

" ...I didn't get to take the Toradol very long because it ...manageable but the worst was gas pain. I did not start passing ...lymph nodes - I had endometrial cancer. Will get more reports tomo... "

" ...had my hysterectomy last Monday (Jan 21st) due to endometrial cancer. I am feeling pretty good now. The first couple ...pain but because of the gas pain. It was pretty intense! I... "

" ...a month post-op (TVH-BSO for endometrial cancer). Even though my docs didn't disrupt my intestines, they were *very* angry for about 3 weeks. infection instead of just gas pain - I also e... "

" much pain at all with the exception of gas pain. MAN that stuff is bad. lol. All the doctors ...I was half asleep when he spoke briefly of endometrial cancer? I have an appt with my doctor to... "

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