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Endocrine Disorder

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Endocrine diseases are disorders of the endocrine system. The branch of medicine associated with endocrine disorders is known as endoc...
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Common Endocrine Disorder treatments discussed around the web
Clomid 1,867 Metformin 1,225 Testosterone 758
92,201 conversations around the web about Endocrine Disorder to help you make a decision
92,201 conversations around the web about Endocrine Disorder to help you make a decision
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Endocrine Disorder & Fibroids

1.32% of the posts that mention Endocrine Disorder also mention Fibroids (1,216 posts)
Endocrine Disorder
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We found 1,216 discussions
" ...bleeding Dr put me on provera 10 mgs for 10 days for three months. Well I'm on first cycle now have taken 8 of the 10 pills and I just started my period, he gave them to me to help stop in between ... "

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" ...symptom. I had a massive fibroid during my ...I also had hormone problems, have your mother find out what is wacky with her hormones through blood tests. I have PCOS and metformin fixed my... "

" ...8 months. I have fibroids but am told ...with conception...but I do have a hormonal imbalance since coming off BCPs. If we don't conceive by May, dr is putting me on Clomid. New Year's resolut... "

" a period, but baby was fine. I had fibroids that were bothered by the change in hormones. You should be ok. My fingers are crossed that... "

" ...fibroid was too large to operate on, it filled 90% of my womb cavity. I went through sheer hell for a year - they gave me an awful drug called ...years later that mismanaged hypoT causes hormona... "

" ...have left.\" I also had some hormonal imbalances, but I have been using bioidentical hormone creams (Progensa (progesterone), DHEA, and Pregnolone) for ...balanced now and my fibroids have shru... "

" ...simple an issue as a hormonal imbalance. I had fibroids as well but my biopsy ...quick to point out that fibroids can cause erratic bleeding but's the fibroid. To treat my fibroids I... "

" ...and off them for hormonal imbalances since I was 14. Add the misuse of them to \"treat\" my fibroids and heavy bleeding... "

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" ...periods, but first I had massive fibroids, which they removed 3 years ago, and I have a hormonal imbalance--too much testosterone, I guess--and I... "

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" ...months. Then, I was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance and had surgery to remove some small fibroids in December 2012. After that, a few rounds of Clomid, and a positive test i... "

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