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Emphysema is a long-term, progressive disease of the lungs that primarily causes shortness of breath. In people with emphysema, the ti...
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Common Emphysema treatments discussed around the web
Spiriva 376 Advair 353 Symbicort 117
37,759 conversations around the web about Emphysema to help you make a decision
37,759 conversations around the web about Emphysema to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Emphysema

Emphysema & Heart Rate

We found 147 discussions
" ...he told me I have the following: Emphysema Possibly sleep apnea Anxiety Bradycardia (low heart rate) Fibrillations Dilated aortic root And ...except an inhaler for the emphysema which so far on... "

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" ...excercing on treadmill I have emphysema. While excericing o treadmill, my ...dropps to 74 at the heart rate of 132 to 135. Is... "

" ...blood pressure is 86/66 and heart rate of 166 , had a ...spine was told he has emphysema and today he doesn't know... "

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" ...levels will drop if the heart rate were slower or the faster ...cannot keep up. Just diagnosed with emphysema. Never smoked a day in paralyzed and I have uncontrolled adult onset a... "

" ...3 to 4 on the scale. A bit puffed. Pulse rate about the same as yours. I'm also Stage 4. ...the problems some have on here. I mainly have emphysema without bronchitis as far as I... "

" ...My father-in-law has emphysema, very thin (125 ish),on lots ?. My father-in-law has emphysema, very thin (125 ish),on ...But my question is..Heart rate of 130 at ...O2). Is the heart rate par... "

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" My grandmother had emphysema, and she needed oxygen at the end. She was weak but alert and well-connected. If you have a ...the drugstore, you can measure heart rate and O2 saturation at his... "

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" ...level was 91, my heart rate was 98. I have severe emphysema, uses two inhalers, nebulize ...years old. doesn't emphysema, low oxygen etc. ...a shower. i am really getting doct... "

" I had my first acute exacerbation of emphysema a few months before I ...being on oxygen! My resting heart rate was 115, and my resting ...the ecigs only, my resting heart rate is 76, my oxygen ... "

" ...extensive lower abdominal surgery and because I also have emphysema, I am really concerned about general anesthesia since I ...for weeks afterwards, and my heart rate was 130 at rest. A... "

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