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Emphysema is a long-term, progressive disease of the lungs that primarily causes shortness of breath. In people with emphysema, the ti...
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Common Emphysema treatments discussed around the web
Spiriva 368 Advair 343 Symbicort 113
37,014 conversations around the web about Emphysema to help you make a decision
37,014 conversations around the web about Emphysema to help you make a decision
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Emphysema & Hyperventilation

0.25% of the posts that mention Hyperventilation also mention Emphysema (83 posts)
We found 83 discussions
" I am 27 months off Xanax and still get the SOB/overbreathing symptoms. I did see a pulmonologist and was diagnosed with emphysema and I am still not sure that is the correct diagnosis BUT I... "

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" ...due to the hyperventilation, in emphysema too. i... "

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" ...question actually on that, they say that there are differences between emphysema and asthma on one hand, ...respiratory alkalosis, due to the hyperventilation (but no acidosis unless it's... "

" I've got some emphysema and have your story...2 years of smoking over 40 ...and lo and behold the emphysema in my lower lung fields ...a CAT scan. And I hyperventilate while sleeping, causing m... "

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" do not have emphysema. 8 pack years is unlikely to give you emphysema either unless you you have developed a little asthma because of your smoking and you ...breathe or Hyper Ven... "

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" ...will help someone. Emphysema: Dilated air spaces ...and are constantly hyperventilating. Hyperventilation means they let out ...But i was having the same question about emphysema and resp ... "

" ...anything that was life-threatening), I would go back to her GP and discuss. Emphysema is a possibility. I am told with Hyperventilation you are unable to speak - I once thought I had it and... "

" ...breath and that makes me hyperventilate a little which gives me ...I'm convinced that I've got emphysema or lung cancer or some REALLY can't breathe... My panic disorder has been ne... "

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" maintain adequate blood oxygen levels... due to Hyperventilation mild emphysema patients do not appear ...almost normal blood gases through hyperventilation) didnt read the q... "

" ...My father passed away this past March from emphysema. I was his caretaker during ...panic attacks, where I hyperventilate. It doesnt happen that, I usually feel a tightness in my chest... "

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