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Elevated Liver Enzymes

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(Hepatic enzyme increased)
12,646 conversations around the web about Elevated Liver Enzymes to help you make a decision
12,646 conversations around the web about Elevated Liver Enzymes to help you make a decision
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Elevated Liver Enzymes & Kidney Stones

0.28% of the posts that mention Elevated Liver Enzymes also mention Kidney Stones (36 posts)
Elevated Liver Enzymes
Kidney Stones
We found 36 discussions
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" ...physical that I have elevated liver enzymes . She wants to send me to a specialist. I just recently have gone through eight months of treatment for a huge kidney stone . I have 7... "

" ...female and just diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes, one was double and ...tired, nauseous after I eat, and have been having kidney pain on the left ...the past I've had a kidney stone so I... "

" ...bile duct?? I have had elevated liver enzymes too. I don't have a ...and I don't have my appendix, have only had kidney stones as any type of complication...but really not related to... "

" ...likely not be put on sulfasalazine because it had the potential to cause kidney stones. I have elevated liver enzymes so I am limited to what I can take. Both Plaquenil and sulfasalazine... "

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" ...He has hasimoto's, elevated liver enzymes, kidney stones, high blood youngest. Mom died from complications of type 1 diabetes and she had belly sx's as well as thyroid troubles. It's al... "

" ...My GI doc had me stop taking iron a year ...(which explains my kidney stones) Dr. K told me to take 3000-4000 mg of calcium citrate a day ...hand-in-hand with my elevated liver enzymes: the l... "

" ...for the info Jenny. I didn't know about the kidney stones and was wondering why certain ...I definitely do not want kidney stones. My rheumy wants me on ...on the liver. I have elevated li... "

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" ...about certain things. People had: kidney stones, kidney pain, hair loss, gout, diverticulitis, elevated liver enzymes. Also, people who had eating... "

" ...stable and they were. My labwork showed showed slightly elevated liver enzymes but that went away. Currently I went to er for kidney stone issues and they did a CT w/o contrast. I... "

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" ...program and here are the health problems that occurred while on it: 1. Kidney Stones 2. Elevated Liver Enzymes (even for people who had completed the diet) 3. Diverticulitis (due to constipatio... "

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