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Elderly + Shoulder Replacement

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19 conversations around the web about Elderly + Shoulder Replacement to help you make a decision
19 conversations around the web about Elderly + Shoulder Replacement to help you make a decision
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Elderly & Shoulder Replacement

We found 19 discussions
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" ...osteoporosis, now I need a shoulder replacement but they want me to ...have to be redone if I live to an elderly age. I have some osteo. and have fibromyalgia. Does any one know how to manage th... "

" ...better. Unfortunately alot of our elderly LO do not ever bounce ...MIL for about six years with Alzheimer's Disease. She had to have shoulder replacement and after the surgery, her... "

" ...this with my mom's shoulder replacement. The doctor actually ...her recovery but she's elderly and I don't was over). So explore the option of something that will alleviate your pa... "

" ...64. The doctor did a shoulder replacement and sent her to physical ...of motion and she had a \"frozen shoulder\". When I talked to ...he said \"but your mother is elderly, so she's fine an... "

" ...aunt was going to have \"shoulder replacement surgery\" this summer. I visited ...know the extent of her shoulder pain - she wasn't ...trying to explain to an elderly person about the benefi... "

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" ...esp in the elderly. Perhaps that steep ...person? I see a shoulder replacement,not to stereotype ,bu... "

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" ...another surgery. I have an elderly friend who goes swimming every ...both hips, both knees a shoulder replacement and two surgeries on her... "

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" ...elderly resident on ...Her dx is left shoulder replacement! She s a frail lady and doe not even seem phased by the medication. She actually says she needs more!! I think that the doctor has allo... "

" ...I must have lost track, but was it a shoulder replacement? Shoulder fracture? True story: once in the hospital there was an elderly gentleman who was at risk... "

" ...thing. After my mom's shoulder replacement they didn't push her ...her doctors. The doctor said \"she's elderly and minimal movement is fine ...leagues, and 60 is not elderly!!!!! Yes, some ... "

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