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Elbow Pain

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Ask a question
(Pain in elbow)
21,655 conversations around the web about Elbow Pain to help you make a decision
21,655 conversations around the web about Elbow Pain to help you make a decision
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Elbow Pain & Crutches

We found 22 discussions
" ...same condition... I can trigger elbow pain in a variety of well-defined ...3. At night I have a grinding, slow ache. The pain is sharp ...and a long time on crutches. I am 37 and have... "

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" ...elbow crutches? They can exacerbate hand, wrist, forearm and elbow pain. Try some... "

" I use both crutches and knee scooter; I leave ...or husband's car) I use crutches because the knee scooter is scoot from one room to the next. I don't have elbow pain, though I did develop... "

" ...first I thought the shoulder/bicep/tricep/elbow pain was from the crutches, but my other arm ...was there before the crutches. I am thinking I ...stress of being on crutches has just inflame... "

" ...finishing the steroids, but the elbow pain is something else. I have tried ice, biofreeze, pain killers don't touch unable to use my crutches. Anyone had this or similar?... "

" ...damage. Hence, today was lighter and shorter bc of elbow pain and overall fatigue. I'm also in an ankle wrap I'm once again on crutches anyway. Will prolly just use... "

" ...think most of the funky crutches tend to be silent or ...I'm on a walking stick not crutches at the mo, but the ...get a lot of wrist and elbow pain from using my sticks. They... "

" ...can ease the shoulder and elbow pain with crutches. I phoned the OT and ...that in order to get crutches with the moulded hand bit ...trying to avoid using any crutches for at least a wk... "

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" ...started to develop some intermittent elbow pain, and now I realize it is probably related to his crutches as well. So we need ...additional info on Arbin crutches. That's interesting you found... "

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" ...but I'm hopeful and will stay on these damn crutches for at least 4-6 weeks...and take it easy, in hard. i also tried prolo on my elbow pain that i thought i might have to have... "

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