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Edema (American English) or oedema (British English) both words from the Greek , o d ma "swelling"), formerly known as '''d...
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Common Edema treatments discussed around the web
Lasix 1,805 Hydrochlorothiazide 537 Furosemide 445
72,212 conversations around the web about Edema to help you make a decision
72,212 conversations around the web about Edema to help you make a decision
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Edema & Pernicious Anemia

0.11% of the posts that mention Pernicious Anemia also mention Edema (15 posts)
Pernicious Anemia
We found 15 discussions
" Pernicious anemia I have no idea where ...this.... but does anyone have an experience with Pernicious anemia? My PCM seems to think ...was initially seen for perephial edema... The Dr I saw c... "

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" cause heart failure, edema could result. Some kinds of anemia (pernicious anemia ) can result from... "

" ...of the major symptoms of pernicious anaemia but I also have pulmonary ...cause of pulmonary edema. Could pernicious anaemia strain the heart in such ...way that it brings on edem... "

" I also suffer from massive bloating/edema. I can gain 6-8 pounds ...salicylate sensitivity, I also have autoimmune atrophic gastritis and pernicious anemia. These also may contribute to... "

" ...D. Is that similar to pernicious anemia? Apparently, I have something weird ...isn't working. Also using Milk Thistle. Like you I ...very bad \"flu\". I didn't think edema of the entire ... "

" ...perhaps such as edema or canker sores or other seemingly disconnected symptoms. I almost was dead from folate deficiency in the ...things going wrong, often pernicious anemia. I have no... "

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" ...unknown condition is also causing edema in throat. It could be ...B12, and low iron stores (shown in BM biopsy). Pernicious anemia, SLE or lupus (quite possible with rash and hair... "

" ...was slurred and she had oedema in her lower legs. The ...convinced. I asked for a pernicious anaemia check but this proved negative. ...mentioned (the cause of the oedema). Research led me... "

" ...and kidneys and high blood pressure... Edema... Obesity... A few cases of ...stomach... Rheumatic fever... Psoriasis..... Anemia, including pernicious anemia... Simple and toxic thyroid... Prost... "

" ...type of anemia (iron deficiency anemia, pernicious anemia, megaloblastic anemia) - the names ...or concerns such as nausea, edema, weight changes, constipation, sadness, etc.... "

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