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Edema (American English) or oedema (British English) both words from the Greek , o d ma "swelling"), formerly known as '''d...
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Common Edema treatments discussed around the web
Lasix 1,818 Hydrochlorothiazide 543 Furosemide 451
72,418 conversations around the web about Edema to help you make a decision
72,418 conversations around the web about Edema to help you make a decision
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Edema & Infection

2.96% of the posts that mention Edema also mention Infection (2,146 posts)
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We found 2,146 discussions
" ...can cause edema. Having additional edema on top of ...compression garments) and had no infection from the shot. A couple also reported they took antibiotics to help further prevent any infecti... "

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" ...she currently hospitalised? Any treatment so far? Her doctors must be looking for an infection that is affecting her ...and she has edema on her face ...successfully bring down the edema bec... "

" is currently hospitalized with a quite serious infection, in addition to edema in his extremities and a few other complications.... "

" ...a rough time right now!!! I, too, understand your frustration. My dh has an edema on his leg and is prone to infections. The dr wants him to take hot baths everyday... "

" ...that you did get an infection because of the surgery, ...or difficulty breathing? Does the edema in your extremities get better ...high. And if the edema is infection-related, Lasix wouldn't... "

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" ...maxillary bone loss/infection related to failed root canals that has reoccured after being treated 20 yrs. ago. Original ...I developed edema , increased warmth and dramatically decreased ROM t... "

" ...autopsy. The patient was suffering from edema and recurrent infections, and died from ... "

" ...with Remicade and Humira. I have edema in my left arm and got numerous infections under the skin, erysipelas. When taking Enbrel ...tried Orencia, worked, no infections, but not enough to... "

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" ...daughter has had a couple of episodes of edema when she has gotten infections in her arm. I ...scratch or sore and infections are a big problem. EMS may help with the edema and ROM/massage and k... "

" I had edema in both breasts the entire ...7 months both breasts got red and infected. PS was convinced it was ...treated it as such. After infection was gone edema still remained... "

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