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Edema (American English) or oedema (British English) both words from the Greek , o d ma "swelling"), formerly known as '''d...
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Common Edema treatments discussed around the web
Lasix 1,792 Hydrochlorothiazide 535 Furosemide 441
71,761 conversations around the web about Edema to help you make a decision
71,761 conversations around the web about Edema to help you make a decision
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Edema & Castor Oil

We found 21 discussions
" Castor oil is dangerous as baby could have a bm and ...I can't get on all fours due to my ridiculous oedema in my legs (it goes above my knees). Hopefully... "

" ...seems years away. I have really bad Edema and have been trying everything ...and 1 tablespoon of Castor Oil. I had contractions all ...disgusting. My OB recommended the Castor Oil and said it... "

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" ...and last nite we got take-out thai food and i ordered HOT chiles as i've heard spicy food can help with induction. i'd walk more but i have very bad edema in my lower legs and ...castor oil,... "

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" ...borderline high, I've had terrible edema but no protein in my urine and my blood tests were good. My non-stress test ...I officially have pre-eclampsia. And my ...take the dreaded castor oil ... "

" ...thae mall and i got cramps but no baby.ive drunken ...up for 2 more edema is so bad ..i have weight watchers!!!im scared of castor oil and scared of herbs ...not... "

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" ...A few times I came out nice and plump but usually it was edema and or retracted to the normal state and I failed to see any ...I will try the EVO oil first and then castor oil is my second... "

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" ...of venous leg ulcers and lympatic edema. This Pack saves time in ...and a non-hardening zinc oxide paste (zinc oxide, acacia, glycerin, castor oil and white petrolatum. The Unna Flex Elastic Unn... "

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" CocoH, YEA! what castor oil is doing: 1. changing the pH in the gut; ...they frequently cause a lot of gas. 3. reduce edema; the lymph nodes become full of waste and you... "

" has been red/burning with oedema of the ...emollient stings (zinc/castor oil is ok). ...mummified. I'm terrified it's going to stay like this, that it has stretched permanently (I'm 44).... "

" ...researching castor oil now. I don't ...use for: When castor oil is absorbed through ...more: My sister has edema in h... "

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