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Eczema is a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the epidermis (skin) (the outer layer of the skin). In England, an estimated 5.7 m...
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Common Eczema treatments discussed around the web
Aveeno 11,153 Hydrocortisone 10,019 Aquaphor 6,377
366,476 conversations around the web about Eczema to help you make a decision
366,476 conversations around the web about Eczema to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Eczema

Eczema & Seafood Allergy

1.49% of the posts that mention Seafood Allergy also mention Eczema (14 posts)
Seafood Allergy
We found 14 discussions
" hospital treatment. Diagnosed with Asthma at 12 months. ...anyones little one also suffer from allergies. Ry has slight eczema. But he also has nut and seafood allergy, so we keep the steriod... "

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" My experience with eczema and parasite cleanse I was ...and I found that my eczema relapse problem and seafood allergy seem to have disappeared after finishing a bottle between parasites... "

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" ...far - she has a little bit of eczema (v mild) and ...fever but no seafood allerg... "

" ...know that. DS has eczema enough to where ...him like popcorn shrimp. I have terrified myself into thinking if I feed him seafood he will have some deathly reaction to it. We don't have any... "

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" ...i associate it with my eczema so that's why i dont call it specifically a seafood allergy]. I get major itchiness after lobster and clams, ...antihistamine is for the eczema flares too. I c... "

" ...hand. Her rashiness is from eczema, which can ...I have a seafood allergy, but never ate seafood growing up. DD was prescribed albuterol back in January to help loosen her chest congestion a... "

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" @magdusia DD#2 who has the eczema is only 6 months old. I made and appointment ...week for an allergist for DD#1 who has a seafood allergy maybe they will answer a few ?s about DD#2... "

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" ...they are allergic to. My eczema is only on my hands arms, legs, and the eczema like rash on my hands. what they told me. Seafood allergy! I also seem to have... "

" ...see a ped allergist to be sure about a seafood allergy before I would try it again yourself at home. Given other food issues and eczema, it may not be too... "

" ...near future. My girl had unknown rashes ever since she was ...The rash eventually led to eczema when she had a seafood allergy at two years old. So ...but he also developed eczema at three... "

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