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Eczema is a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the epidermis (skin) (the outer layer of the skin). In England, an estimated 5.7 m...
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Common Eczema treatments discussed around the web
Aveeno 11,155 Hydrocortisone 10,021 Aquaphor 6,377
366,533 conversations around the web about Eczema to help you make a decision
366,533 conversations around the web about Eczema to help you make a decision
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Eczema & Iodine

We found 280 discussions
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" husband and I looked into Iodine and that helped us to tolerate foods better. Both helped us ...of our allergies. I've also read quite a bit on Lugols iodine topically treating eczema and how... "

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" ...The only dermatitis I've read about that is associated with celiac is Dermatitis Herpetiformis also have a problem with eczema. If there's any ...DH, try eliminating iodine. If your \... "

" ...weeks we discovered he had a penile infection that had spread to ...flush his penis with an iodine mixture twice a day. this ...holds it against us. WTF eczema. You are so itchy and... "

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" I hear you about the iodine thing. Geez, we have so ...about as many rules about iodine! I understand psoriasis & eczema ...know they are) but have eczema or psoriasis find that... "

" ...suffered from mild to severe eczema for decades. Lately, it ...ago, I started taking Iodoral tablets (iodine-potassium) because i was told it's good for my hypothyroid condition. But a surprisin... "

" ...suffer from asthma and excema and I have a severe peanut allergy. Plus my hubby has psoriasis. (great bunch ...and a extra folate/iodine in the first ...has shown no signs of allergies or a... "

" ...BiGW thought it looked like eczema - as she gets it. rash. I'm doing the iodine loading test. Have to collect ...of urine after taking 50mg iodine tablet. So not taking any... "

" Ouch! **** that allergy to iodine which surfaced during surgery. The eczema got infected and I m on antibiotics since yesterday. Starting to work but I am walking like a cowboy (if you know... "

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" ...changes as yet; I have been battling this severe eczema since Oct. Also doing LF ...and am interested in Iodine as I have heard ...a little confused though; the iodine that I'm familiar with... "

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" I don't know about the iodine test, but I know it ...of being gluten-free before my rash completely went away. I ...had also been misdiagnosed as eczema) finally disappeared. It has stayed... "

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