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Eczema is a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the epidermis (skin) (the outer layer of the skin). In England, an estimated 5.7 m...
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Common Eczema treatments discussed around the web
Aveeno 11,157 Hydrocortisone 10,031 Aquaphor 6,377
366,584 conversations around the web about Eczema to help you make a decision
366,584 conversations around the web about Eczema to help you make a decision
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Eczema & Exfoliation

1.27% of the posts that mention Exfoliation also mention Eczema (496 posts)
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" ...was my excema acting up and putting on my steroid cream helped heal it. Have you ever had excema? If you had a reaction to your detergent it could be contact dermatitis. On a more natural note,... "

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" ...dead skin cells, while the oil produced by the skin acts like a glue keeping those cells trapped. This creates a breeding ground for acne bacteria. When you have excema, ...Have you been putti... "

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" ...she had the hormonal rash aswell. Her ears have now got dried flaking skin and all of her face feels like she was a burn victim- it's tight, dry, plasticy feeling and very rough . I did get a... "

" ...darker than the rest of my skin and LOOKS dirty however it is not dirt and seems to be in the skin. I have had this problem for over a year now and it varies in degrees of severity. The skin also s... "

" ...Elidel creamm to use for 6 weeks. My problem is i have quite a few skin disorders (yay... recently discovered i have eczema on my arms) including flaking skin (sebhorrheic... "

" ...has eczema on his legs and face so I put a cup of porridge oats in his bath, the oats have a natural oil in which locks moisture in and softens the skin. I also ...has whole Oats in for exfoliat... "

" skin, scaling, ...use Burt's Bee Res-Q ointment sometimes and I love it! I had regular eczema when I was a child and I thought I had finally outgrown it. Anyone else out there have this cert... "

" ...peeling. Using betnovate cream on hands, stopped. Treatment? Hi I have used betnovate c on my hands for susspecter eczema , I Can you recommend anything to toughen up the skin left behin... "

" ...fridgee! I get eczema flare ups once in a while. My best bet are cetaphil or aquaphor for relief. Sometimes ...get the skin soft after exf... "

" I get really bad eczema in the winter months. I worse and believing the exfoliation makes it better. It usually takes about... "

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