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(Bundle branch block left)
Left bundle branch block (LBBB) is a cardiac conduction abnormality seen on the electrocardiogram (ECG). In this condition, activation...
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2,559 conversations around the web about LBBB to help you make a decision
2,559 conversations around the web about LBBB to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating LBBB

Echo & LBBB

We found 309 discussions
" ...feels that since I have a LBBB that a MUGA will give for your Mom.. to much variation between the Echo and the Cath... Although, I would say the Cath ...the accurate # not the Echo. ... "

" Echo update Just back from cardiologist. My echo result shows ef of 50 to 55%. So thrilled. ...see this day. I have left bundle branch block as well but aside from... "

" Hi, I have DCM and a left bundle branch block. I was diagnosed in July 07. I've been on meds (Coreg, Cozaar); restricted/or no exercise; ...was EF 20 - 25%; ECHO last week was 50%! Stay... "

" ...told me I have \"Left Bundle Branch Block\" and ordered a series of blood tests and an echocardiogram. I'm worried. Could I ...two conditions? I am taking Warfarin, Digoxin and Propranolol.... "

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" ...isn't going to tell you any more than you already know- you have a LBBB. A transthoracic echo will look for structural problems with you heart, it's simple and noninvasive and... "

" Hello. I have LBBB - I have had an ...a Thallium stress test, an echo and another test whose name ...the moment. My symptoms of LBBB were tightness in chest along... "

" ...x-ray showing enlarge heart? My echo one time showed mild enlarge ...I went for a second echo. It showed mild enlarge left ...then it said I got left bundle branch block. I didn't win! Se... "

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" ...this patient currently has a myocardial infarction or else echocardiogram would have mentioned ventricular wall hypokinesia or akinesia, also it does'nt say tht the LBBB is new in onset! for which... "

" ...female who recently had a echo and stress test that showed ...get one. I was diagnosed with LBBB and cardiomyopathy in 1998. EF ...162. I also have had thyroid problems.... "

" ...for me. I had an echo the other day and the ...could see that I have LBBB . She said that my ...out to her student. I've known about the LBBB for years, but it has never been noticed before o... "

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