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(Ebola disease)
Ebola virus disease (EVD) is the name for the human disease caused by any of the four Ebolavirus Bundibugyo virus (BDBV), Ebola virus ...
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119,612 conversations around the web about Ebola to help you make a decision
119,612 conversations around the web about Ebola to help you make a decision
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Ebola & Homeopathic Remedies

We found 14 discussions
" ...Fight Ebola with deploy homeopathic remedies to combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa was 'probably pretty unwise'. Ebola Crisis Averted:... "

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" concerns on bioterrorism. Natural homeopathic remedies for viral and bacterial epidemics. to protect yourself & your family against Ebola virus, Hanta virus, Whooping Cough,... "

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" ...that you are sure that homeopathy can cure. Anthrax, ebola, you name it.... We'll see about getting you an have any and all homeopathic remedies you want. We'll see how... "

" know nothing about Ebola. So whose opinion shall ...could be used to treat Ebola, since I don't recall any of the standard homeopathic remedies mimicking the symptoms of Ebola.... "

" ...and live in the community. Ebola is a nasty disease, but ...If she tests positive for Ebola, she will have no problem ...treat it at home with homeopathic remedies, or seek out the local... "

" Ebola In the 1830th there was ...(in German). Today there is Ebola in Africa and the conventional ...this disease. Why not use homeopathic remedies? There is nothing to loose... "

" ...About Homeopathy For Ebola Att: Dr Margaret ...and distribution of homeopathic remedies to contain and break the Ebola epidemic. Dear Dr ...and distribute suitable homeopathic remedies to b... "

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" Preparation of homeopathic remedies involve multiple dilutions ...BTW They have also jumped on the Ebola crisis claiming... "

" ...on a vaccine or treatment for Ebola despite it having killed thousands ...that both a cure for baldness, homeopathic remedies, the space programme and the... "

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" ...use diluted rattlesnake venom to treat Ebola symptoms since both cause similar hemorrhagic symptoms. Most homeopathic remedies contain little if any actual... "

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