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Ear Pain

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Otalgia or an earache is ear pain. Primary otalgia is ear pain that originates inside the ear. Referred otalgia is e...
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Common Ear Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,958 Ear Drops 1,261 Orajel 54
90,957 conversations around the web about Ear Pain to help you make a decision
90,957 conversations around the web about Ear Pain to help you make a decision
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Ear Pain & PMS

0.08% of the posts that mention Ear Pain also mention PMS (73 posts)
Ear Pain
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We found 73 discussions
" ...throat.. soo painful.. i got my first ear ache with the pain last night.. the tylenol is not helping as much ...i'm saying.. so i'm sure the pms is not helping out... "

" ...had migrains but I have pms headaches awful and my doc ...pad by accidentI was having an ear ache and lay on a hot water bottle to drain my ear 15 minutes the headache went away.I was l... "

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" ...girls~ oak...welcome to the group! ma...i'm sorry about your evil pms and about the dr not on your insurance plan. ...on a windy day, my ears hurt badly. don't know if it... "

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" Urgh. No sooner do I get over my sore throat/earache thing than PMS moves into full gear. Body, I hate you. I think I will go out and get half a rotisserie chicken, which can serve for lunch... "

" ...ear ache,then ...mind racing and going out of control. Try to relax keep yourself busy. Accept that yes it is allergy season and bare with it. I have PMS issues too and the Zoloft has helped me ... "

" ...much? And I do get an increase of appetite during PMS (which won't affect you) and coming on. I had an increase before an ear ache--but once it came, I lost my appetite again. Just drin... "

" my poor, sore ears, QC!! Now providing we ...with re... "

" Oh, ok. Thanks. Does anyone (females) find that PMS exacerbates their symptoms? I've kept a journal and I'm really starting to see ...water too, so much head pressure it makes my inner ears hurt... "

" and on and had headaches, acne and my hair ...i did 6 hrs ago. No sore bb's I have been having earaches but figure it's sinus's or something cause i feel ...gotta pee AGAIN. Maybe just PM... "

" chewed gum. -PMS -The doctor asking if I was pregnant when I was there for earache. I mean, that fix my friend's pain. -Bad dreams. ...SAD cannot handle it right now...SAD PMS=b... "

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